New High Definition Video uses new QR code technology

New High Definition Video uses new QR code technology

We just posted a new High Definition video and you can watch it on your smartphone by scanning the funny looking graphic below. This is called a QR (Quick Response) code. Click here for the Wikipedia entry on QR Codes

Want to test out this great new technology? Just grab your smartphone and scan the QR code below. (Don’t have a free scanning app on your smartphone yet? *see the bottom of the page)

HOATown QR Code for new video on YouTube.Scan this image with your smartphone using one of the free scanning apps you can find in your app store. This works great if you want to easily send a user to a specific Web page or video on YouTube without having them type in anything or even click on anything. If you scan this QR code you will be taken to the High Def video we just uploaded. We will be adding more HOA videos, tutorials, E-Books, plugins and other resources to help you manage your HOA Website or HOA Management Company more efficiently.

A QR code enables anyone to quickly scan it with one of the many free smart phone apps and instantly take the user to a pre-entered URL on their mobile device.

Over the coming weeks, we will be offering you many new technologies to help make managing your HOA Website or Homeowner Association Management Company easier than ever before.

Don’t have a smartphone handy to watch the video on your smart phone? Here is the new video. Be sure to switch the quality of the video to full 1080p HD High Definition and also make sure your sound is on:

You can also watch it on our YouTube channel here:

* List of Free Apps to Scan QR (Quick Response) Codes

Here are a list of some of the freely available QR code and bar code scanning smartphone apps. NOTE: and its parent company are not affiliated with these external, third-party companies. We cannot be held liable for any software, content, operation, availability of said links or apps.

Tip: Visit the links below from your smartphone browser to download a free QR code scanner.


QR Reader for iPhone
iPhone iTunes App Store Link

QR Scanner for iPhone
iPhone iTunes App Store Link


Barcode Generator for Android
Android Market Link

ScanLife Barcode Reader for Android
Android Market Link


QR Code Scanner Pro-Free for Blackberry
Blackberry App World Link

Code Muncher Free QR Reader for Blackberry
Blackberry App World Link

Need to create your own QR Code graphic? Google has added a very neat feature to their URL shortening service. When you shorten a URL with, just add a “.qr” to the end of the shortened URL. For example, this URL points to our YouTube channel and if you simply add “.qr” at the end you will see it goes to a scannable QR code image: is the #1 HOA Management Solution Online. We have been helping Homeowner Associations and HOA Management Companies since 2003 with HOA Websites that feature more interactivity, better communication and increased member satisfaction. We strive to consistently evolve to meet your needs in an ever changing and demanding environment. Our HOA Website solution is fast, affordable and powerful enabling you to connect more members with our new HOA social plugins. Give your members a push in the right direction with the only HOA Management Solution you will ever need.

New Features Added

New Features Added

Here are some great new features we have added in the past few weeks.

  • Updated the forum topics page. Now when a post is replied to, the last person who replied will be displayed in bold.
  • On the forum postings page the date was displaying in military time. This is updated to show the regular 12-hour time format.
  • In the calendar admin there are new left, right and print icons.
  • In your sent emails folder, there was an issue when you tried to delete emails. This is now fixed.
  • Updated the Homes for Sale and Lots for Sale lists to display the Seller or Realtor and their contact info. This is so that a list can easily be printed and display all the info needed on one page.
  • On the Homes and Lots for Sale detail pages we removed the “per month” text after the total price for the home.
  • On your directory page, you can now sort by address making it easy to identify duplicate entries.

HOATown Version 4 Launched!

HOATown Version 4 Launched!

HOATown Version 4.0 represents the latest and greatest evolution in community communication and information management. Our all new and improved software provides you with the most functional and flexible community website on the market. As we enter our sixth year of outstanding service, we are thrilled to make our highly acclaimed offering Even Better!

Now you can enjoy dozens of new features, including improved website design, lightning fast page loading, enhanced site customization tools, four new modules and optional internal email for members. All this and more…from just $30.00/month!

The benefits of utilizing HOATown as the premiere solution for Homeowner Associations

The benefits of utilizing HOATown as the premiere solution for Homeowner Associations

We know it’s hard to manage your homeowner association effectively. It’s difficult to keep in touch with all the members of your association, and it’s hard to get messages out there. At HOATown, things are made a little bit more manageable, with the best community communication software you’ll find for HOA websites. HOATown software is flexible and easy to use, giving you the power to customize your HOA website to meet your individual needs. You’ll be in control, and you can manage your members and payments online, keeping a strong hold on your visit statistics and publishing messages at the click of a mouse.

Homeowner association websites can be difficult to maintain. They’re not always reliable, and they can be insecure. When you use HOATown as your solution, you’re getting a service that’s better than all others. Secure servers and hosting facilities, 24-hour-a-day monitoring and a guaranteed 99.99% uptime leave competitors dragging their heels in the dust. When you want to best from your homeowners, HOATown have got the best for you.

With a customized HOATown website, you’re getting the best in homeowner association management services. You’ll be able to put adverts for events and community projects online, and you can advertise local amenities and facilities with ease. Your members can communicate in a forum that you keep control of, and your website won’t just be seen on laptops and PCs. HOA websites from HOATown include Blackberry, PDA and smartphone functionality – you won’t get that from other community websites.

Online payment facilities let your members pay their property bills quickly and easily, and an optional communication system will let them keep in touch with others in their community. Homeowner associations are supposed to be close-knit groups, but with a HOA website from HOATown that’s an absolute guarantee.

You can customize your website, and decide which members have access to certain areas. HOATown’s software keeps you in the loop, and you’ll enjoy the same control online as you have offline. You decide on the colors of your site, and you control the content, adding and deleting as you go. No other homeowner association website solutions give you the same power and flexibility as HOATown.

Functions you’ll be able to make use of include a community calendar, classified ads and a member directory. You don’t have to have any module you don’t want, but you can add additional modules that include files and documents, information about community clubs, and the ability to sort your members into relevant groups.

When you use HOATown software, you know you’re getting the best. The software is constantly being developed to meet the current needs of homeowner associations, and it’s a reliable and secure solution at a very affordable price. You can be a part of the HOATown revolution for just thirty dollars ($30) a month. Or, buy an advanced package for only fifty dollars ($50) to enjoy the added functionality and additional modules. You’re able to pay quarterly or yearly, giving you control of your own finances, and you can buy online for fast access to all HOATown features. With HOATown, there are no unexpected surprises. The price you see is the price you pay, with no set-up fees or add-ons. Right from the start, you’ll pay a flat monthly fee for the package of your choice.

Community website management software needn’t be a hassle. HOATown offer everything you need in one easy, affordable package. With an unconditional, thirty day money-back guarantee, you can be sure that your investment won’t go to waste. If you’re not completely happy with the service, you’ll get your money back – no questions asked!

From the moment you pay for your first subscription, you’ll have the power you deserve. Your homeowner community website could be up and running in just a few minutes, and your credit card transaction will be processed securely under SSL encryption for your added comfort. There are no risks, and past users of the HOATown software have commented on its superior functionality and its value for money. If the benefits of homeowner association website software haven’t already sold HOATown to you, think about your investment in very real terms. An annual subscription on the premium package will set you back just $550 a year. That’s just over $5 per home, per year, if you’ve got 100 households to deal with. Pay yearly, and you even get one month free!

Your HOATown website could save you time and money, leaving you to focus on the important things. When you want your homeowner association to run smoothly and efficiently, you want professional software to get things done. Don’t surrender your control, and don’t surrender unreasonable amounts of cash – pick HOATown for a service that’s a great price, and that gives you the power you need and deserve.

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New Online Support Documentation

New Online Support Documentation

Hello and Happy New Year!
We just updated our support docs and have created a one-page reference guide for your Website.

Here is a link to the Quick Reference Guide:

And here is a link to the downloadable PDF version:

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.
Best Regards,
HOATown Support