Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we encounter from prospective and current customers, along with detailed responses. If your question is not answered below, email for the quickest response.

What is HOATown?

HOATown provides Home Owner and Condominium Owner Associations with a fantastically functional, supremely secure and astoundingly affordable website solution in exchange for a low monthly fee. HOATown is your best choice for enhancing community communication and streamlining information management.

How does the website creation process work?

Creating an HOATown website takes just minutes. After completing our simple, four step order process, your new site will be live on the internet and ready for use.

Are HOATown websites password protected?

Yes. Every member will create their own profile and will have a unique username and password that will be required to access their account. Members will have total control over their personal settings, including privacy, which determines what will and will not be displayed in the Community Directory.

Can my website accommodate multiple subdivisions?

You can add an unlimited number of subdivisions to your HOATown site. They are used as a filtering device in the Address Book and in the Email Members tool.

Can I send emails from my website?

Yes. Administrators will have the ability to send both internal and external emails to your members or established groups directly from your HOATown website. Members will also have the ability to email one another utilizing an internal email tool that does not rely on having an external email address. This feature is only available to members if the website administrator chooses to enable it.

What if we already have our own domain name?

If you already have a domain name, we will provide simple instructions for setting up the domain name for use with your HOATown website. This entails changing your DNS (Domain Name Servers) to NS.RACKSPACE.COM and NS2.RACKSPACE.COM and setting a domain forward with or without masking.

How do I add content to my HOATown site?

On HOATown modules, adding content is as simple as completing a templated form and clicking submit. The information you entered will populate beautifully on a pre-formatted web page. For greater flexibility, you can create up to 15 additional web pages and an unlimited number of sub-pages. For these, adding content is accomplished through the use of a dynamic content editor that gives you total control over the content and formatting of your page.

Can I customize the look of my website?

Absolutely. HOATown Version 3.1 offers tools that allow you to create a look and feel that is distinctly your own. You can create your own header or upload a custom header, customize all site colors, publish/hide modules and web pages, reorganize modules and web pages, and more — all in an instant, with a click of the mouse.

How much time will I spend maintaining my website?

The amount of time you spend maintaining your website will vary, but our Privileges module makes your job easier than ever. By assigning privileges, you can share the administration of the site with any and all members, thereby considerably reducing the time required for website updating.

How much space does my website have?

Although HOATown doesn’t place limits on the allotted space for your website, we encourage clients to respect file size recommendations in order to maintain server space for all client data, documents and photographs.

Where is my website stored?

Your website will be stored on a secure, dedicated server, housed within one of the nation’s premier hosting facilities. Our server is continuously monitored by an expert technical staff and backed up every 24 hours. Because we utilize all the latest firewall and anti-virus technology, you can rest assured that your HOATown website will always be safe and secure.

What payment options are available?

At HOATown, we accept all major credit cards or you can pay by check. We bill quarterly or annually and typically invoice by email. If you use a personal credit card to order online and would like to be reimbursed by your HOA, we will gladly provide you with a receipt. HOATown does not store credit card numbers for recurrent, automatic payments at this time.

Can members pay their community bills online?

Yes. HOATown will now integrate PayPal payment methods for your members free of charge. All you need is a PayPal account.

Do you provide customer support?

Absolutely. Our customer support team is available Monday – Friday from 10am – 6pm EST. Support requests are handled most promptly by email and typically solved within 24 hours. We also check support emails on the weekends and holidays in the event of an emergency.