Request Management System

Feature Description
Create Requests Created Request Types are easily accessible by members from a drop down menu located on their Member Dashboard.
Assign Reviewers Designate which members have the ability to review and vote on submitted requests. When creating a Request Type, you will choose the Head Reviewer, Voting Members, and Read Only Members.
Submit Requests Homeowners easily submit requests to the board from their Member Dashboard, view the real-time status of submitted requests, and find out whether their requests have been approved.
Add Attachments Homeowners can easily attach supporting documents to any submitted request. Uploaded files are easily accessible by all designated reviewers.
Email Notifications Designated reviewers will be notified of submitted requests by email and can view and vote on those requests directly from the website.
Status Management During the review process, the Head Reviewer can update the status of a submitted request at any time.
Archive Requests The system allows for the archiving and storing of closed requests for important, historical record keeping.